Why Go Native?

We know that you want the best for your dog. That’s why only the best natural ingredients make it to our kitchen. You can be sure that only the purest natural ingredients like farm-fresh vegetables, orchard-grown fruit, and healthy botanicals, sourced from trusted suppliers are used to make Go Native dog food, meaty treats and dental supersticks.

All our fish and fowl is fully traceable and sourced from trusted, sustainable, ethical farms and fisheries. Only organic Atlantic Irish salmon and herring and naturally fed duck and freerun chickens make it into our Go Native range.

Go Native remains as fresh as the day it leaves our family to your family and into your dog’s bowl. Our fully controlled process makes sure of that. Go Native is honest to natural goodness for your happy and healthy family dog.

Feed your dog Go Native and you’re feeding them the best. The Go Native range is exceptional quality in four tasty and nutritious varieties to help keep your treasured pet in the best condition at all lifestages.

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Treats and rewards are all part of a happy and fun owner and dog relationship. Now you can spoil your pet without the guilt with our Go Native dog treats in four delicious, healthy combinations that provide
them with meaty, grain-free goodness to get their tails wagging.

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Treat your dog daily while treating their teeth with Go Native Dental Super Sticks. There are two healthy and tempting flavours for them to sink their teeth into to help control plaque and tartar build-up and to maintain healthy gums and teeth. A daily ritual your dog will love!

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